Wholesale telecommunications providers with small to medium-sized business (SMB) customers have a big opportunity to grow their sales exponentially utilizing today’s mobile cloud solutions such as Leapfactor’s Salesfactor™ Apps. Specifically, these smaller businesses — characterized by field teams who rely on door-to-door selling tactics, are now seeking cutting-edge ways to utilize their mobile devices to establish meaningful connections with customers and better influence purchasing decisions.

With customized, cloud-driven solutions like Salesfactor, wholesale providers can benefit from the following to help improve sales:

  • Greater visibility into the sales process (for sales teams and the head office): Now, many SMBs do not have full transparency into the interactions between their sales reps and customers. Salesfactor can provide them with greater visibility into interactions by transmitting quality engagement metrics directly from the field back to the head office. Armed with these analytics, management can then evaluate interactions to obtain a clearer picture of the customers’ interest levels and if necessary, optimize the ways in which their sales teams engage with customers during the sales and purchasing processes. This visibility also enables management to measure the effectiveness of the sales reps themselves.
  • Access to optimized content in real time: Many companies equip their sales force with tools like DVDs and printed materials to facilitate the prospecting phase. Aside from being bulky and difficult to transport, these materials, in most instances, provide customers outdated and inaccurate information. Using Salesfactor, businesses can provide their field teams with the most current and relevant information in real time. For example, when a promotion becomes immediately available, or if prices change — this information can be updated in real time.
  • Appealing end-user experience: Sales teams want to leverage the latest technology innovations when selling and not have to rely on outdated technologies. Salesfactor facilitates an appealing end-user experience by enabling field teams to use mobile platforms like smartphones and tablets — providing them a more efficient mechanism and approach to conduct professional presentations.
  • Better customer response tracking: In the past, sales teams relied on intuition, verbal and nonverbal cues to try to accurately gauge customer interest levels following pitches. Today, Salesfactor targets to streamline this process by sharing and tracking information in a timely manner. Moreover, Salesfactor makes it easier to process orders quickly as transactions are recorded and transmitted in real time. Customers’ confidence and trust enhances when salespeople can process an order with the touch of a button.
  • Customized presentations: Cloud-driven platform solutions like Salesfactor enable companies to create customized presentations and immediately make them available to the sales teams, upon request. With Salesfactor, presentations can be customized using specific data generated by each customer – instead of using generic, canned presentations.
  • Easier consultant enrollment: Consultants need to connect with all members of the sales team in order to be effective. Using Salesfactor, they can connect with all necessary parties from field teams, to dispatchers, up to management. The cloud-driven mobile platform undoubtedly helps ensure faster communication and quick feedback from them, so that their services can be utilized in the most effective manner possible.

Wholesale telecommunications providers who recognize the benefits of Salesfactor and apply them to their business models unequivocally stand a much better chance of differentiating themselves in today’s competitive global market, while providing online state-of-the-art solutions. Likewise, successful developers of mobile, cloud-driven platforms will be those that leverage the expertise and guidance of business partners specializing in the wholesale space to bring their solutions to market and get them in front of major wholesale players.

Does your business have access to customer-facing cloud platform solutions it needs to stay competitive? As a developer of these solutions, do you leverage the expertise of forward-thinking partners to introduce your cutting-edge technology designed to increase sales and generate a constant revenue stream?





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