BVS Consulting provides customized Investment Solutions to technology companies, enabling entrepreneurs to build successful, high-growth businesses by contributing equity capital and sector-specific expertise across all stages of development within the technology sector. With the extensive global experience and a myriad of high-level connections across the wholesale telecommunications market, BVS Consultancy applies comprehensive insights and provides customized guidance at each stage of the investment process, including risk mitigation, asset allocation, monitoring procedure and more.

Proven Expertise

With contributing equity capital and extensive expertise within the technology industry, keen entrepreneurs work with BVS Consulting towards building successful and high-growth businesses. We combine global experience with high-level connections to guide customers through each stage of the investment process.

Additional BVS Consulting Services:

Data Center

Your data and communications infrastructure are critical to enable your business to grow. From Meet-Me-Rooms to Cloud Services, BVS Consulting delivers scalable, secure and reliable state-of-the-art data center solutions to support your specific business needs.

Fiber Optic Networks

Improve performance, control and security while supporting your organization’s mission-critical applications. Leveraging strategic partnerships with leading global network providers, BVS Consulting improves voice, video and data delivery between public and private networks via its global Fiber Optic Network Infrastructure Solutions.


BVS Consulting helps your business benefit from the scale, performance, cost and security offered by the Cloud while mitigating risk. With its proven Enterprise Cloud Solutions, BVS also helps today’s leading Cloud Providers navigate the complex wholesale telecoms market.

Professional Services

BVS’ dedicated Professional Services team goes beyond routine strategy, Human Resources, Sales, and Marketing consulting to provide customers with expert guidance on the essential elements of global business leadership.

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