A Provocative Business Guide on Succeeding in Today’s Competitive Landscape
for Senior Executives, Ambitious Entrepreneurs and Students

BVS Publishing | February 9, 2016 | 136 Pages | 9781491780794

Advance Praise for “The RiVal”:

The RiVal’ is a great guidebook for the new generation of businessmen and woman that want to lead the revenues of our newest companies being built.  Succeeding in business is not just hard work; you have to have the right foundation. Having the right ethical behavior, as Ben highlights in ‘The RiVal’ time and time again, is what will allow you to last in the industry for as long as he has. The professionals that work alongside us in the industry and don’t follow the gentlemen’s code or have winning attitudes are never the leaders!  My hope is that the individuals reading ‘The RiVal’, listening to Ben’s lectures, and those lucky enough to have been mentored by him follow a path to success that is paved with integrity and loyalty,

Jamie Dos Santos, CEO of Cybraics
and appointee to the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board

“The same gift that first brought Benjamin to the attention of industry leaders is now the gift he shares with readers across the globe – insights about what makes great businesses, including branding, integrity, culture, clear vision and philosophy. Readers of ‘The RiVal’ will leave with a clearer sense of purpose, drive and renewed confidence in their business.”

Ilissa Miller, Chief Executive Officer of iMiller Public Relations
and President of the Northeast DAS & Small Cell Association

From the Book, “The RiVal”:

  • “I meet young entrepreneurs every day and what I’ve discovered is that there are two kinds: the kind that wears the title entrepreneur like a vanity necklace, and the kind that sees the life of an entrepreneur for what it really is – a hustle.”
  • “As business people, we can’t always stay clean.  Sometimes, we have to jump in and get a little dirty while closing a deal.  It is the survival of the fittest.”

“Trust is more than a social virtue; it is the currency of the global economy. Trust is the lubrication of both the capitalist machine and the global market.”

A frequent C-suite member and consultant with some of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, visionary Benjamin Von Seeger reflects on nearly twenty years in business while focusing on how to develop the innate business acumen and strategic tactics that can mean the difference between commercial failure and towering achievement. Not your father’s how-to business guide, The RiVal digs deep into the essential elements of global business leadership — including emotional and relational intelligence, relationship-building, brand development, business strategy, understanding global competitiveness, and much more — so that readers can immediately apply these principles to their everyday professional lives, whether starting-up, or breathing new life into an existing business venture.  Earning the Editor’s Choice and Rising Star award from publisher iUniverse, The RiVal is definitive guide to being a good sales executive and global business leader, as well as establishing and retaining a successful business.


About the Author


Benjamin Von Seeger speaks from the rare vantage point of multiple and towering success stories. Serving as a Vice President at Terremark Worldwide Inc. (AMEX:TMRK), NAP of the Americas, he secured multimillions in contracts from the largest national and international telecommunication carriers, content providers and other major corporations based in Latin America, Europe, Asia and the U.S.  The company was later sold to Verizon for $1.4B USD.  A driver of innovation, Benjamin Von Seeger was also the Director, Global Markets with CENX, the world’s first carrier Ethernet exchange.  Today, while managing his own enterprise BVS Consulting Group, he also serves as a Partner for Leapfactor Inc. and global business consultant to several global organizations. Von Seeger has built and led sales teams that have consistently and exponentially increased revenue and profit.

Von Seeger is based in Miami, FL.


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