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Benjamin Von Seeger engages as a Speaker at Social Tech Live!

Miami, FL, June 13, 2016 – BVS Consulting, is proud to announce that its president, Benjamin Von Seeger, is set to be featured in the June 25th 4:00PM EST edition of Talk Business 360. The show is produced by Clearwind Media and broadcasted by Fox Business Network, focusing on enlightening millions of TV viewers and air travelers by presenting custom video content and TV commercials for companies across a variety of industries.

The interview covers details about Von Seeger’s view of the global business landscape via a concise description of his recently released book, The RiVal. He also discusses the value of creating relationships in the current business scene and his involvement with the Third Wave Volunteers Cause helmed by Dr. Alison Thompson.

Furthermore, we would like to announce that Benjamin Von Seeger has been selected to be a speaker in the upcoming Social Tech Live!, where he will discuss topics such as the role of emotional intelligence and book smarts in business, the importance of building long-standing collaborations in a competitive business environment; all while sharing his success stories in a dynamic and engaging presentation.

Social Tech Live! is an innovative conference with a focus on social media and technology celebrated in the city of Miami on July 15-17, 2016. Mr. Von Seeger will share the spotlight with the likes of Dr. Alison Thompson, founder of the Third Wave Volunteer Cause, Dr. Anthony Miyazaki, professor and chair of Department of Marketing at Florida International University and Dr. Nancy Richmond, Professor at FIU College of Business, amongst many other social media and tech personalities.

To watch the interview on Talk Business 360 click here.

For more information regarding Social Tech Live! and how to purchase tickets click here.

About Benjamin Von Seeger

Benjamin Von Seeger, is a senior sales executive known for delivering and sustaining revenue and profit gain within a competitive global telecommunications market. He speaks five languages and graduated with degrees in Business Administration and International Relations from Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich in Germany, and is attending the Advanced Management Program, Business Administration and Management, at Harvard School of Business.


For more information please visit: www.benjaminvonseeger.com.
Follow him on social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter.

About The RiVal

The RiVal’ is a great guidebook for the new generation of businessmen and women that want to lead the revenues of our newest companies being built. Succeeding in business is not just hard work; you have to have the right foundation. Having the right ethical behavior, as Ben highlights in ‘The RiVal’ time and time again, is what will allow you to last in the industry for as long as he has. The professionals that work alongside us in the industry and don’t follow the gentlemen’s code or have winning attitudes are never the leaders! My hope is that the individuals reading ‘The RiVal’, listening to Ben’s lectures, and those lucky enough to have been mentored by him follow a path to success that is paved with integrity and loyalty,

—Jamie Dos Santos, CEO of Cybraics
and appointee to the President’s Intelligence Advisory Board

“With candor and credibility, The RiVal offers sage advice to those starting out in the business world… Reflecting on his own career, global business consultant Benjamin Von Seeger offers sagacious advice to both novice and experienced business leaders…”

Barry Silverstein
Foreword Reviews


A frequent C-suite member and consultant with some of the largest telecommunications companies in the world, visionary Benjamin Von Seeger reflects on nearly twenty years in business while focusing on how to develop the innate business acumen and strategic tactics that can mean the difference between commercial failure and towering achievement. Not your father’s how-to business guide, The RiVal digs deep into the essential elements of global business leadership — including emotional and relational intelligence, relationship-building, brand development, business strategy, understanding global competitiveness, and much more — so that readers can immediately apply these principles to their everyday professional lives, whether starting-up, or breathing new life into an existing business venture.

The RiVal is now available for purchase on Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Nobles; and as Audiobook on Amazon, iTunes, & Audible.com.

About BVS Consulting

BVS Consulting is a boutique consultancy for technology companies looking to accelerate growth with partnerships in international networks, hosting services, and data centers managed services, application and content delivery services. Our team has developed and managed productive relationships with the largest national and international telecommunication (Tier-1) carriers, content providers and other major corporations from Latin America, Europe, Asia and U.S.A.


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